Sunday, April 12, 2009

"separate, not separate"

do you remember the time we both got drunk
and we argued over James Brown's height?
and I shot your ass.
and I killed you.
why didn't you stop me?

and do you remember when we both fell in love with the same woman?
we went from loving each other
to hating each other
in the name of love.

and before that when we were both trees together in the same forest?
our roots touched.
we have been inseparable ever since.

and even before that when we were both part of the same bird?
you were the left wing and I was the right.
and that's when we decided it would be wonderful
to become Separate -
so we could be friends and touch each other.

and before that we were tongues of flame dancing together.
and before that we were waves on the ocean rolling over each other.
and before that we were particles of dust on opposite ends of the universe
hurtling away from each other.

and do you remember this morning, walking in the woods together?
you were even wearing my shoes.
and we listened to the birds sing and the wind sigh.
and we watched the springtime forest embrace and kiss
the mist covered lake?

[photo: "Two Trees of Whitefish Lake" by Jason F. Vick.]

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