Friday, April 3, 2009

This sudden burst of activity

The four posts on "Prisca Theologia" are from another blog I started back in Aug/Sept '08. I made a few very minor changes, but mostly decided to just move them here as is.

I will continue to consolidate a bunch of scattered writings that I have all over the place, so for a while it might appear as if I am being very productive, and in a sense this is true.

I have been trying to gather my thoughts on the interplay of cosmology and teleology both in the Platonic and Stoic traditions. Much of this is based on the Timaeus, but it also draws on the Symposium and the Phaedrus, as well as Stoic sources such as Seneca's Natural Questions and the Stoic Astrological writings of Manilius and Firmicus. That might result in a few posts soon.

And who knows? I might even post something about Buddhism some day!

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