Thursday, June 18, 2009

Iran, 2009: "Revolutionary moments change everything"

Move over Al Jazeera. My favorite source of information on Iran is now another "Al", that ever irrepressible enemy of oppressors everywhere, Al Giordano of Narconews. His long analysis piece, Iran: A 1930s Level Crossroads for the International Left, includes eyewitness accounts, freshly translated from Farsi, of the crowd, that may exceed 1 million strong, gathered right now in the heart of Tehran, honoring those who have been killed or injured during the last 6 days of protests.

Giordano has the infectious optimism that is the sign of a true revolutionary. There is plenty to be depressed about in this world, and there is no guarantee that the protest movement in Iran won't be drowned in its own blood, or, worse, won't turn into yet another verse in Won't Get Fooled Again. But as Al Giordano points out, at least for now we can all take "pleasure at seeing People Power rise up" - except, of course, for anyone who doesn't take pleasure in such things.

Al's analysis is that what the people of Iran are doing right now has the potential to do nothing less than change everything. Gods, I hope he's right!

Keep an eye on Narconews in the coming hours and days. Al promises that they will be posting English translations of news coming straight out of Iran in Farsi, news that is almost impossible to get even inside Iran, with greater and greater frequency as this continues to play out.

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