Thursday, August 27, 2009

Meet the "Greek" philosophers of Asia!

The maps above show the birthplaces for many of the most influential "Greek" philosophers.

For more information on the early Stoics Zeno, Cleanthes and Chrysippus, see the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Stoicism. There is also a separate entry for Epictetus. Two other prominent Stoic philosophers not shown above were the Emperor Marcus Aurelius and the writer and statesman Seneca, neither of whom were "Greek": both were Romans. Seneca was born in Corduba, Spain, while Marcus was born in Rome.

For more information on the Platonic philosophers of late antiquity follow these links:

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy articles on Plotinus and Porphyry.

A nice page on Iamblichus by Bruce J. MacLennan.

A very nice section on Proclus at the Goddess Athena website, where there is also a section on Iamblichus.

And here are the wikipedia entries for Damascius and Simplicius (better than nothing!).

And for those keeping score at home, the city of Constantinople is, of course, in continental Europe. But Proclus was by ethnicity Lycian - and Lycia is in southwestern Anatolia (see map). And (of course!) Alexandria is in Africa - not Asia!

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