Friday, September 25, 2009

"You are the Diamonds"

Marina Diamondis is a young woman living out my dream: she is a rock-star. Well, OK, "rock" probably isn't the right word for her music, but, you know, "indie-pop star" just doesn't do it.

Anyway, one of the things I like about her is that she talks openly and matter-of-factly about her experience of suddenly attaining at least a certain amount of fame, and possibly being on the verge of attaining quite a bit of it. Like any other powerful force, say electricity, gravity, money, sex, etc, FAME can be, and very often is, extremely dangerous. And if the fame itself doesn't get you, then the sudden loss of it probably will. But something tells me she's going to be alright.

And I also thinks its cool that she claims to have been born in ancient Greece!

I don't really follow the music scene closely at all and I would probably never have heard of Marina, and if I had would have paid her no attention, if it hadn't been for the fact that I stumbled across her incredible video I Am Not a Robot while I just happened to be in the very act of pondering the subjects of Alan Turing and Machine Intelligence.

Anyway, I really liked what she just wrote in her blog:
For those who don’t know, the whole idea behind my artist name was that I never liked the idea that an artist’s success and destiny were based solely on the artist themselves. In reality, each success story is a group or global effort, created by a small or large group of like minded people- the thought of it inspires me a lot. My fans are all i’ve got and I always imagined ‘MATD’ as a collective experience rather than ‘hi look at me, i’m a superstar, i’m rich, i’m great, my life is faboush, don’t you wish you could look like me’, even before there were fans. I sometimes desperately want it to feel like a group effort, like we are all in this together. Maybe I am just crazy and no one else feels the same but sometimes I feel it at gigs.. and I feel happy because for the time being at least, I know I’m in the company of like minded people. And it excites me!! That is an important function of music isn’t it? Uniting people.

What I achieve as Marina & the Diamonds will be because me and you and him and her.

I am setting up this little thing on the nme tour. I’m going to start photographing the crowd mid-set (when you least expect it, hee hee) and uploading my favourite picture each night on to this blog. It’ll be on Facebook too so you can tag your cute selves etc.

I also checked out the merch tonight. Baseball/ american style tees and long sleeved shirts and tote bags with “GUESS WHAT” on one side (and i wonder if you can guess what is on the other side)

You are the Diamonds <3

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Anonymous said...

I am equally impressed by the reading list she has chosen for her tour.