Monday, November 16, 2009

Three Atheists, One Agnostic, a Christian, and a Rabbi Walk Into a Bar ......

In one corner: (1) Christopher Hitchens, (2) Sam Harris and (3) Dennis Dennett.

In the other corner: (4) self described agnostic and would-be reconciler of science with monotheism, Robert Wright, (5) rabid wing-nut evangelical Christian (and rumored former lover of both Laura Ingraham AND Ann Coulter) Dinesh D’Souza, and (6) Shmuley Boteach (Orthodox Rabbi and author of Kosher Sex).

Thanks to santitafarella, whose Prometheus Unbound blog alerted me to this!


mamiel said...

OOOhhh, I like what Sam Harris says in his second speech. I know he was probably saying it to prove that both sides are wrong, but he makes a great point about Christian ideas of exclusivity and the chauvinism inherent in their faith.

I liked the Rabbi's points about intelligent design too- I am interested in intelligent design (Know nothing about it) and I can't stand how so many people equate I.D. with creationism, as if you have to be some sort of knuckle-dragging idiot to even entertain the idea!

mamiel said...

Oh, and I had no idea about D'Souza and Coulter but I really wish you wouldn't have told us about that. That simply is not an image I want floating around my head!

Thutm0sys said...

...And then they hit their heads and shouted "OW! Jesus Christ!"

I had to. I HAD to.