Friday, January 8, 2010

Best. Advice. Ever?

World renowned Zen teacher, punk rocker and monster movie maven Brad Warner informs us in his blog today that he was interviewed, "for about 45 minutes", by a reporter from AP/YahooNews who wanted, desperately, to know what advice he would like to give to Tiger Woods. In response, Brad was "like, well, I don't know Tiger Woods. I don't really know what's actually going on in his life. I don't like to give people advice even if I know them well." And so forth.

In his blog Brad goes on to describe how the reporter kept insisting that surely he must have some Zen words of wisdom for Tiger, until Warner finally relented and said something along the lines of
well, I guess I'd just tell him what I tell everybody... y'know, do some Zazen, try to see clearly what your actual circumstances are without judging or thinking too much about them. Just see it for what it is. This takes years of practice.
That's not exactly how it came out in the published version, but still that article is pretty interesting and includes snippets that the reporter managed to drag out of a variety of high profile American Buddhists (including the editor of Tricycle and also Uma Thurman's father).

But my favorite part was when Brad says in his blog: "As for Tiger, I really have no advice for him. Maybe he could advise me on how to pick up girls!"

Obviously, THAT is what he should have said to the AP reporter!!

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