Sunday, March 28, 2010

Brain Dead American Left Can't Get Enough of Arundhati Roy

Not only has Z Magazine just finished serializing Arundhati Roy's new terrorist travelogue ("Walking With the Maoist Murderers"), but San Francisco based Anarchist book vendors Haymarket Books are "proudly" promoting (and hosting) Roy's current speaking tour of the US, and Rachel Maddow wannabe Laura Flanders has posted a fawning interview with Roy on her website (that link actually goes to, which also carries the interview, and where you can leave comments, if you are so moved).

Flanders starts out her interview by posing the question of whether or not "incipient fascism and nationalism are running amok" in India. This is typical of the blind hatred for India and Hinduism that is now de rigueur among American leftists.

Roy also appeared last week on Democracy Now, where her segment was introduced like this: "We spend the rest of the hour with acclaimed Indian writer and activist Arundhati Roy on the dark underbelly of India . . . ."

India is a nation with a population of about 1.2 billion, of whom about 800 million are eligible voters, and of those about 60% turned out to vote in the national elections last May. This election took place, without any more irregularities than one might encounter in the US or in any Western European nation. Nevertheless, Roy and her slack-jawed American fans insist on dutifully intoning the mantra that India is "supposedly" a democracy, or "calls itself" a democracy.

Meanwhile, Roy continues to pimp for the murderous thugs known as Naxalites, whom her ignorant American devotees, like Laura Flanders, stupidly refer to as "resistance fighters."

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