Friday, March 26, 2010

Why Does the American Left Hate India and Hinduism??

In this blog mention has already been previously made of Arundhati Roy's love affair with India's Maoist terrorists, also known as Naxalites.

Now she has churned out a series of breathless dispatches based on her recently completed working vacation among the Naxalite terrorists of the "Red Corridor". Therein, Roy consistently refers to world's largest democracy, her native India, with sneering contempt. Her terrorist friends, on the other hand, (people who are responsible for over 6000 murders during the last 20 years) are invariably described by Roy as charmingly earnest idealists with "lovely smiles" who are "full of fun and curiosity."

Comrade Nehru jumped into bed with the Stalinists back in the 1950's, and the Indian left has never looked back. Nehru's attitude was: screw Hinduism, screw Kashmir, screw Tibet, hell, screw India; if Indians can't become properly British maybe they can at least try to become good Soviet style Marxists. But today even the Russians have long since turned their backs on Communism. Where would Indian leftists be without those diehard Maoist Naxalites and their lovely smiles?

Seriously. The Naxalites of India still proudly proclaim their love and devotion to Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao.
Dependency on one or few individuals instead of developing collective leadership and involving the entire Party membership and the masses in decision-making has been one of the causes that led to great reversals in Russia and China where, after the demise of outstanding proletarian leaders like Stalin and Mao, the CPSU and the CPC turned revisionist so easily.
["Comrade Azad" of the CPI(Maoist) in an interview from the June 2006 People's March]
But why would the soft-core Anarcho-Pacifists over at Z-Magazine put up with this shyte, this idiotic glorification of a bunch of AK-47-toting Pol-Pot wannabes? What exactly do they think the admirers of "oustanding proletarian leaders like Stalin and Mao" do with any Anarcho-Pacifists with master's degrees that they happen to get their hands on?

Roy is a regular contributor at Z-Mag, and they are dutifully serializing her latest terrorist travelogue. Like all good American leftists the Z-Magazine crowd know less than nothing about India. They rely exclusively on semi-Stalinist Indian "sources" who, like Roy, are openly anti-Hindu and unapologetic apologists for the Naxalite terrorists.

Anyway, if you have the stomach for it, here is Roy's latest adventure in putting a smily face on terrorism (and who thought of the obscene subtitle "Gandhians with Guns"?? -- there is nothing Gandhian about these Comrades):

Walking with the Comrades, Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

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