Monday, June 28, 2010

Blasphemy Case Against Nergal "Dismissed"

According to "Gdynia District Court on Monday dismissed the case" against Adam Darski, better known to the world as Nergal, frontman for the extreme metal band Behemoth.

"The court held that there was no crime," according to the report. However, the prosecutor "announced an appeal against that decision." Attorneys for Ryszard Nowak, chief cook and head bottle washer of the Polish National Committee for Defense Against Sects, announced that the appeal would be filed as soon as the Court provides "written reasons for its decision" to dismiss the case.

The case stems from a September 2007 Behemoth concert in the city of Gdynia, during which Nergal announced that "the Catholic Church is the most murderous sect in history". After this, Darski then publicly tore up a copy of the Bible, and distributed the fragments to the audience, requesting that these be burned.

For background on this case (and related cases, including that of Darski's fiance Doda Elektroda) see the earlier post on "Sex, Religion, Art, Music & Freedom of Expression in Poland".

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