Saturday, June 26, 2010

Doda in Kluczbork: "Those Who Expected Scandal Were Not Disappointed"

According to media reports, Polish singer Doda (already facing a possible two year prison sentence under Poland's anti-blasphemy laws) arrived for her Friday night concert in the town of Kluczbork "w klatce, ubrana w futurystyczny mundurek, odsłaniający pół piersi i całe pośladki" ("in a cage, dressed in a futuristic uniform, revealing half of breast and whole buttocks.")

After she finished her opening number, Doda left the stage and the voice of Pope John Paul II boomed out over the sound system:

"My dear young friends, I am so glad that you are here tonight."

After this the words: "I am psycho" (in English) and "I am a freak" ("Jestem świrem" in Polish) were flashed on the giant screens on either side of the stage.

Then Doda reappeared on stage dressed as a witch to sing her next song.

According to Nowa Tribuna Opolska, "Ci, którzy oczekiwali skandalizującego zachowania, nie zawiedli się. Na koncercie są tysiące ludzi." ("Those who were expecting scandalous behavior were not disappointed.")

A video of part of the performance has already been uploaded to youtube:

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Denis said...

Scandal? When the camera briefly shows the audience, people seem to be bored. Indeed, I would be bored, too: she is singing a dull cover version of an ancient hit by Sabrina Salerno. The version I linked to was performed in Poland in 1988.
The whole story seems to be much ado about nothing. The young woman is trying to attract attention by using "persi i posladki", and the "anti-sect" church group are trying to ... do the same. The only difference is that the singer is actually using her own assets while the church group are not.