Thursday, January 6, 2011

Belief in Reincarnation in Sub-Saharan Africa

From the 2010 Pew study on Religion in Sub-Saharan Africa. The following are the percentages, by country, of people who answered "yes" to the question: "Do you believe in reincarnation -- that people will be born in this world again and again?"

Botswana 51%
Cameroon 43%
Chad 45%
DR Congo 38%
Djibouti 32%
Ethiopia 21%
Ghana 47%
Guinea Bissau 47%
Kenya 31%
Liberia 31%
Mali 28%
Mozambique 50%
Nigeria 37%
Rwanda 27%
Senegal 28%
South Africa 49%
Tanzania 32%
Uganda 51%
Zambia 17%

Consider this to be a follow-on to the post: A (very!) quick and dirty cross-cultural study of "supernatural" beliefs and experiences (with special attention to reincarnation).

Also, here is a handy map showing estimates for the degree to which there are "high levels of belief and practice" in African Traditional Religion in sub-Saharan Africa (reproduced from the post 200 Million African Pagans).

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Erik said...

Fascinating results... I need to go read the whole study!