Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life is too short not to celebrate the death of an evil murdering bastard like Osama bin Laden.

Hat tip to Kyle Lovett at The Reformed Buddhist for the graphic below.

Don't complicate the simple.
He's dead.
That's a good thing.

Also: What Jon Stewart Said.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this bit of clarity, Apuleius.

While I can appreciate the good intentions of those who would rather contemplate peace and mercy and reminding folks that a human being was killed, I can't help but find myself unable to share in such high-minded gentleness.

Also, that bit about "Abbottabad" was hilarious. As the boyfriend of a New Yorker, who travels to New York City every other weekend, I found that especially funny. "Abaddabad" indeed.

Abaddabing, Abaddaboom.

RetroKali said...

yeppers. Agreed.