Monday, October 17, 2011

America's greatest business genius was an Arab-American liberal hippie Buddhist. So there.

"I doubt Bill Gates, for example, ever listened to Dark Side of The Moon with the headphones on–though I love the image. But a single minded-focus on programming may have helped them imitate, but not create."

I have been a Mac person since the mid 1980s when I became a research assistant for a Chemistry professor who is a Mac person. Gods bless her! For a few years I admit that I wandered in the wilderness of Windows, but then Steve Jobs returned to Apple and so did I. Gods bless him. Now Steve Jobs has left Apple for good.

I would think of Steve Jobs as a genius of historical proportions even if it did not turn out that he and I happened to agree about stuff like global warming and Buddhism. I know plenty of idiots and assholes who are environmentalists and Buddhists, and I know conservative Republican Christians who are good, decent, intelligent human beings.

But for whatever it might be worth, Steve Jobs was, as a matter of fact, an Arab-American, a liberal hippie, and a Buddhist.

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Raima said...

Ah, how heartening to see that you are giving me credit for leading you away from the dark side and showing you the light of the Mac. :)

I have to admit that I was a PC person before I was a Mac person. But to be totally truthful, I was a mainframe person before that!

At any rate...I am thankful for the life of Steve Jobs, for many reasons. And thank you for a great post!

Apuleius Platonicus said...

I like to give credit where credit is due!