Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A prayer to Julian

"Oh mighty Julian, great in wisdom and rich in understanding,
I salute you as the seeker of truth that you are.
It was the evil-minded ones who made your name apostate in their ignorance,
and upon them does their own evil return in full at this time.

"Hear me, great Julian, man of knowledge that you are,
summon the men and women of reason to come forth at this time
and bring truth to the world again.
Inspire your fellow truthseekers throughout the world
to arise and bring light and freedom to all.

"Oh noble and lordly Julian, wisest of the Emperors of Rome,
as your most loyal and admiring comrade,
I ask that you help us in our quest for truth and knowledge.
Help me to do my part to bring about
the return of the light in this dawning new age,
and lead me to wisdom.
Inspire now the great awakening among all mankind.
So be it!"

by Linda Seekins

[Linda recently shared this prayer on the Julian Society discussion group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JulianSociety/]

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! Wonderful!