Friday, August 24, 2012

The Republican Party Naked At Last

"Why are they dying? I have written this so many times.

They are dying because the President has opened a
Bible again.
They are dying because gold deposits have been found
among the Shoshoni Indians.

They are dying because money follows intellect!
And intellect is like a fan opening in the wind— "*

*Robert Bly, The Teeth Mother Naked At Last


Anonymous said...

Thank the Gods.

My late father was a Richard Nixon Republican. I'll tell you what: For all Tricky Dick's many faults, he was still a vastly better President than GW, and a vastly better patriot than R-Money.

Richard Nixon would be called a "RINO" (at best), by today's GOP. Hard-headed pragmatism and logic have no place there. The Republican Party has now become a completely faith-based organization.


Apuleius Platonicus said...

Even more embarrassing, in my opinion, are the stark contrasts between Romney and his old man.

And of course neither major party is especially "Pagan friendly" or anything like that, but now the Republicans are out-and-out Theocrats.

Anonymous said...

So very true.