Wednesday, November 25, 2009

God. Purpose. Culture. Side Hugs.

Totally. Creeping. Me. Out.

[also see: "'Christian Side Hug': Is this for real??"]

It's all starting to come into focus. If you look at the "Christian Side Hug" video at youtube you will see that it was originally posted by an entity identified as "TFHvideos", and that the date when it was first posted is March 13, 2009. "TFH" stands for "The Father's House" (website:, a group based on the belief that "God's Word ... contains every answer to the challenges of life".

"The Father's House" sponsors an annual event called "The EG Conference", with the slogan:
"God. Purpose. Culture."
The 2009 EG Conference was held in late February 2009, just a couple of weeks before "Christian Side Hugs" video was first posted on youtube (here is the website for the 2010 conference). The description of the video states, apparently in complete seriousness, "Breaking it down EG style."

Some people have speculated that this video is "tongue in cheek" and/or a parody of some sort. Admittedly, the thing sure as hell does look like something Christopher Guest might have dreamed up during a (very) bad acid trip. But there doesn't seem to be much to support that view if you look through the website of the sponsoring organization. The same is true if look through a collection of sermons that have been delivered at The Father's House by Dave Patterson (their lead Pastor) and others. Christian Side Hugs are for real and so is the video.

Be. Very. Afraid.


Quercus said...

Maybe "tongue in cheek" was a little generous, but their "Office" parodies (their word, not mine) imply that they think they're being cute as well as righteous.
I don't doubt their evangelical fervor one bit, and I certainly believe they're serious about their side hugs; I just doubt that it's a genuine rap group. It looks to me to be a sorry attempt at good clean fun (with a message) for the conference orientation.
That being said, they probably have a whole album out. Never put anything past those fruitcakes.

Apuleius Platonicus said...

Yes, Quercus, I think you are right that they think they are being funny, while at the same time they are serious about the "message". The whole thing is just so bizarre.

Ellen Catalina, LCSW said...

What I find scary is how often I find myself singing that song during the day. It's kinda catchy. "Gimme dat Christian side hug, that Christian side hug!"

Glad you were able to do the research and identify the source of the menace.