Thursday, July 1, 2010

More on Nergal's case

First up, here are four items (all from online Metal-oriented publications) with quite a bit of good background information. They are all fairly recent, but only the first one is from after the case against Nergal was dismissed:

From Blabbermouth (June 28):
BEHEMOTH Frontman Off The Hook In 2007 Bible-Tearing Case
From MetalObsession (May 4):
Behemoth – Adam “Nergal” Darski (interview with Nergal)
From Blabbermouth (April 20):
Polish University Professor Discusses Charges Against BEHEMOTH Frontman
From RadioMetal (April 19):
Behemoth On The Burning Stake Of The Inquisition

Second of all, here are links to all of the relevant posts I have done so far on Nergal's case in particular, and freedom of expression in Poland in general (chronologically with the most recent items at the top):

"Music that is so extreme, so politically incorrect and so evil." (Nergal interview)
Blasphemy Case Against Nergal "Dismissed"
Doda in Kluczbork: "Those Who Expected Scandal Were Not Disappointed"
Doda: "Forbidden Fruit Tastes Better"
Doda Elektroda & the Battle of Tomaszów Lubelski
"I could release certain emotions through this sinister evil music." (Nergal interviews)
Sex, Religion, Art, Music & Freedom of Expression in Poland
Doda Elektroda says Bible written by drunks. Which, apparently, is some kind of crime in Poland.
The Kids Are Alright (In Which I Praise Extreme Pagan Metal)
Early March, 2010 Blasphemy World Roundup!!
Interview With Nergal of Behemoth, in English
Behemoth Frontman Formally Charged For Insulting Roman Catholics

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