Friday, October 22, 2010

Possibly Blasphemous Images of the Virgin Mary (then again, possibly not)

These range from the ridiculous to the sublime. All images are provided as an educational resource for members of the public who are interested in the issues of religious sensitivities and freedom of expression.

Zombie Virgin Mary (from Bosa Nova Sweet Shop):

Barbie Virgin Mary (from Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich):

Barbie Zombie Virgin Mary (by Miss Kitty)

Our Lady of the Shrooms (from geekologie):

Lucky 8-Ball Virgin Mary by Jeral Tidwell

Sex With The Virgin Mary: She Has Waited Long Enough
The acclaimed book by Charles Webb, revealing a previously hidden prophecy of the Blessed Virgin:

The Virgin Mary Totally Rocks (from uncyclopedia)

The Virgin Mary by Noistar (via Susie Bright's blog):

Day of the Dead Virgin Mary by xlittleshopofsugarx:

"Virgin" Mary t-shirt from T-Shirt Hell

Unintentionally Horrifying Monster Alien Virgin Mary Destroys The World With Her Death Rays:

Pregnant Virgin Mary by Nathan Novak:

Virgin Mary Tee from ThisNext:

Virgin Mary Boots from the StyleHive:

Oh Maria Keep My Data Safe USB Memory Stick by Luis Eslava (via gizmodo):

Britney-Spears-Virgin-Mary-Starbucks-Cheetos (from PerezHilton):

"Hard Act To Follow" (This is was an actual church billboard in New Zealand. It was painted over by an outraged Christian within hours of being put up, though.):

Virgin Mary Utter Gutter (poster from the Glasgow School of Art, via

Madonna With Child (design by Franck Sorbier, via argent by the tiber)

La Madonna -- Dia de los Muertos (by Ladislao Loera):

"Not A Virgin Mary" by CallowLily

"Celestial Virgin" by J. Augustus Knapp
(possibly) even more blasphemy at
e g r e g o r e s:


Arturo Vasquez said...

Apuelius, you suck. But anyway, I once saw in a botanica side by side shrines to the Virgin of Guadalupe and la Santa Muerte. It was like Jungian theory dressed up in Latino kitsch. It sort of reminded me of some of the images here, almost mirror images of each other. Maybe Catholics themselves are pretty good at crypto- blasphemy. (I told my wife, who is very pregnant, about a prayer to Santa Librada that pregnant women would pray in Spain, that went something like, "Santa Librada, may it be as sweet coming out as it was going in".)

But you're still going to hell. Convert, heathen.

Apuleius Platonicus said...

Hi Arturo,

Some of these are actually pretty damned good and/or interesting. I was originally going to just do another generic "Blasphemous Images" post, but when I found Zombie, Barbie, AND Zombie-Barbie Virgin Mary the die was cast.

I especially like the boots and the USB memory stick. And the "Celestial Virgin" by Knapp is, well, amazing. Actually, I quite like all of these images.

I love that Santa Librada prayer! Stuff like that is what makes Catholicism so much better than anything the Protestants will ever manage.

Christopher Marie said...

These images are both disgusting; insulting both to Mary, mother of God and our mother, and to us, and plain wrong. As the Church teaches Mary is a "singular vessel of devotion"; second only, in all things, to God. She gave birth to God (who, though He always existed, took on human form from the Virgin Mary and, as Christ's human and divine natures cannot be separated, Mary is thus "Mother of God"). To treat her this way is appalling. I urge those who produced and produce such type of images, photos, etc, to think of their consciences. In insulting and attacking Mary you insult and attack Christians and, as Mary is also our mother by adoption, in attacking Christians you attack her. So, on two levels, those who produce such images etc should be ashamed. Again; Mary, as said above, is second in all things only to God. Therefore, to use one of her titles, she is "Virgo Potens" (latin) aka the "Powerful Virgin". Thus; those who produce such images etc should also be concerned for themselves.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this is about "Religious Sensitivities and Freedom of Expression". What motivates someone to want to be "free" with nastiness? To freely express yourself, you have to be bigoted? I just don't buy it.

Apuleius Platonicus said...

In reply to "Anonymous": whether or not something constitutes good art (or even art at all) is not determined by the subject matter and/or the "message". All of the images displayed in this post have positive qualities, in my opinion, as art. Many of them are quite beautiful, to me anyway. Many are intellectually stimulating, many are humorous or even hilarious.

icolithic said...

I really dig some of these images. Most are art ... some seem more intentional. Wait til I finish my tattoo design ... heheheh

Anonymous said...

most of these are gross and rude. Whether or not the artists are christian, its just plain disrespectful. imagine if someone had a picture of your God (or mother of God) and made its image into that. Not all though- nice boots. +imagine if someone took a photo of your pregnant mom and put it next to a wall of zombies.... Ouch.
Although some of these seem like art, most are just pornography zombies.

Leo Mary said...

Don't draw and post this type of image.If you draw or post this type of drawings you will sure punished with mary and lord jesus.

stupid...fuckers....stop it your play.

caroline stern said...

First of all, I appreciate the fact that you do not censor opposing views. On the other hand, you are disrespecting a humble, immaculate woman who has done nothing against you, and who awaits you with open arms. She is the mother of God, but you do not respect her because you do not know her. You do not know her, because you have not opened yourself to her. Ask her to help you understand, and she will. Have you ever tried? What is faith if it is not tested? Having said that, I wonder what fulfillment may a person find in posting images that hurt and disrespect others with different points of views. It's sad to see how these acts are what brings you joy. May God forgive you, and I will pray for you.