Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reason to Believe

Today's Lesson: It's all in the delivery!
If I listened long enough to you
I'd find a way to believe
that it's all true
knowing that you lied straight faced
while I cried
Still I look to find a reason to believe

Someone like you makes it hard to live without
Somebody else
Someone like you makes it easy to give
Never think about myself

If the above link to the Carpenters singing "Reason to Believe" doesnt work try: this

Here's a Rod Stewart impersonator:

Then here's a guy named Malvasio doing it right:

Glen Campbell actually does a decent job:

Jerry Vale's version is not quite weird enough for my tastes:

But **T H I S** is amazing:

That last one is by Kira Hil pictured to the right. I had never heard of her before I started checking out different versions of "Reason to Believe" - what a voice!

The song was originally written by Tim Hardin in 1965.

Keeping up the pace

Last weekend was just too freaking beautiful to bother with blogging. On Saturday we had Zen practice at my house in the morning, then my Coven had a ritual in Elkton (where our High Priestess lives) in the early afternoon. While driving up to Elkton I listened to the Mahishasura Mardini Stotram, which I am working on memorizing. On the way back from Elkton I got a call from a wonderful friend who, sadly (to me), moved to Texas recently. When I got back home I read some of Julia Annas' commentary on Plato's Republic, and then schmoopie and I went out for ice cream - Gods what a beautiful evening it was! Then we came back home and watched Suspicion, which was very complementary to the movie we had watched on Friday night: Doubt. And then on Sunday I hooked the pump up to the pond and checked out all the plants - almost all of which had once again survived the winter! In fact there was only one plant that wasn't already growing, which was very exciting. There were two of the big grass plants that had just gotten completely rootbound - I'm not sure what to do with them.

Anyway, as far as this blog goes, mostly I am still going through stuff that I have lying around scattered in many different places, and consolidating them all here - often with very little or no editing (but, I assure you, Dear Reader, with a great deal of separating the wheat from the chaff!). Some posts need to have links and/or references added to them, which maybe some day I'll get around to.

Prayer to the Holy Goddess, Tellus, Mother of All Nature

Precatio Terrae

DEA sancta Tellus, rerum naturae parens,
quae cuncta generas et regeneras indidem,
quae sola praestas tuam tutelam gentibus,
caeli ac maris diua arbitra rerumque omnium,
per quam silet natura et somnos concipit,
itemque lucem reparas et noctem fugas:
tu Ditis umbras tegis et inmensum chaos
uentosque et imbris tempestatesque cohibes
et, cum libet, dimittis et misces freta
fugasque solis et procellas concitas,
itemque, cum uis, hilarem promittis diem.
tu alimenta uitae tribuis perpetua fide,
et, cum recesserit anima, in tete refugimus:
ita, quidquid tribuis, in te cuncta recidunt.
merito uocaris Magna tu Mater deum,
pietate quia uicisti diuum numina;
tu es illa uere gentium et diuum parens:
sine qua nec moritur quicquam nec nasci potest:
tu es Magna tuque diuum regina es, dea.
te, diua, adoro tuumque ego numen inuoco,
facilisque praestes hoc mihi quod te rogo;
referamque, diua, gratias merito tibi.
fidem quaeso, exaudi, et faue coeptis meis;
hoc quod peto a te, diua, mihi praesta uolens.
herbas, quascumque generat maiestas tua,
salutis causa tribuis cunctis gentibus:
hanc nunc mihi permittas medicinam tuam.
ueniat medicina cum tuis uirtutibus:
quidque ex his fecero, habeat euentum bonum,
cuique easdem dedero quique easdem a me acceperint,
sanos eosdem praestes. nunc, diua, hoc mihi
maiestas praestet tua quod supplex postulo.

Translation by Moravius Piscinus
(taken from here)

Holy Goddess, Tellus, Mother of all Nature, engendering all things and regenerating them each day, as You alone bring forth from Your womb all things into life.

Heavenly Goddess, overseeing all things on earth and throughout the seas, in whatever by silent nature is restored in sleep and in death, in the same way that You put to flight the Night with the Light You restore each day.

Earth, Enricher of Life, You dispel the dark shadow of death and the disorder of vast endless Chaos. You hold back the winds and storms, the rain showers and tempests. You alone regulate the weather cycles, either bestirring or putting to flight the storm, interspersing them with cheerful days.

You give the Food of Life unfailingly, in fidelity, and when the soul by necessity departs, in You alone do we find refuge. Thus, whatever You give, in You all will be returned. Deservedly are You called Great Mother of the Gods. Piously then are all the celestial powers distilled in You. The One and True parent of all living things, human and divine. Without You nothing could be born, nothing could grow, and nothing mature.

You are the Great Goddess, the Queen of Heaven, You, Goddess, I adore. I call upon Your power, come. Make what I ask to be readily and easily accomplished, and draw my thanks, Mother Earth, that, in fidelity, You do rightly merit.

Hear me, please, and favor me. This I ask of You, Holy Mother, and may You willingly give answer to me: May whatever herbs grow by Your providence bring health to all humankind. May You now send these forth to me as Your medicines. May they be filled with Your healing virtues. May everything that I prepare from these herbs have good result, each and every one in the same way. As I shall receive these herbs from You, so too shall I willingly give them out to others, so that their health too may be ensured through Your good graces. Finally, Mother Earth, ensure Your healing powers for me as well. This I humbly ask.