Friday, November 4, 2011

More reactions to Islamic terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo

The special edition of Charlie Hebdo, featuring the Prophet Muhammad as "guest editor", was sold out within hours. The leftist Paris-based weekly satirical magazine quickly announced that, in spite of the fact that their offices had been destroyed in an Islamic terrorist attack, they would publish an additional 175,000 copies of the magazine, on top of their initial printing of 75,000.

One French Muslim leader, Abderrahmane Dahmane, who has served in the past as a presidential adviser on religious diversity, stated that he personally had not been outraged over Charlie Hebdo's satirical lampoonings of Islam:
“We have a sense of humour in the world of Islam. What we sometimes say about Islam and the Prophet, among ourselves and in the presence of imams, is worse than what Charlie Hebdo wrote.”
That quote is from an article at the NineNewsToday.Com website: France’s Charlie Hebdo plans reprint of Islam edition

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