Friday, August 24, 2012

The Republican Party Naked At Last: Part Deux

A Pictorial and Historical Outline of a Political Tragedy in Five Six Acts

Act I
1964: The Birth of the Southern Strategy

Act II
1969: The Silent Majority

1979: The Moral Majority

Act IV:
1986: The Rehnquist Court

Act V
2000: The Smirking Chimp

Act VI
2012: Naked At Last

The Republican Party Naked At Last

"Why are they dying? I have written this so many times.

They are dying because the President has opened a
Bible again.
They are dying because gold deposits have been found
among the Shoshoni Indians.

They are dying because money follows intellect!
And intellect is like a fan opening in the wind— "*

*Robert Bly, The Teeth Mother Naked At Last