Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Wilders Trial Bombshell

Holy Crap. The trial of Geert Wilders now has more stunning plot twists than a whole season of The Sopranos or Mad Men.

First we were treated to the spectacle of the presiding judge, Jan Moors, clumsily slipping out of character long enough to make some sneering personally insulting remarks at Wilders during the first day of the second phase of the trial. This caused the trial itself to be suspended while an independent emergency hearing could be held to determine whether or not Moors had disqualified himself:
** "I will not take one word back."
** Wilders trial set to resume

Then last week the prosecution called for Wilders to be acquitted on all charges:
** The Prosecution of Geert Wilders Implodes.

But the biggest bombshell was saved for last. First off this week we had the bizarre, Kafka-esque continuation of the trial despite the total collapse of the prosecution. Then on Wednesday one of the expert witnesses who had already testified, Hans Jansen, revealed (in a blog entry) that a judge had approached him and attempted to influence his testimony!

On the basis of these new revelations, Wilders asked for a new trial, and this has been granted.


Possibly Blasphemous Images of the Virgin Mary (then again, possibly not)

These range from the ridiculous to the sublime. All images are provided as an educational resource for members of the public who are interested in the issues of religious sensitivities and freedom of expression.

Zombie Virgin Mary (from Bosa Nova Sweet Shop):

Barbie Virgin Mary (from Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich):

Barbie Zombie Virgin Mary (by Miss Kitty)

Our Lady of the Shrooms (from geekologie):

Lucky 8-Ball Virgin Mary by Jeral Tidwell

Sex With The Virgin Mary: She Has Waited Long Enough
The acclaimed book by Charles Webb, revealing a previously hidden prophecy of the Blessed Virgin:

The Virgin Mary Totally Rocks (from uncyclopedia)

The Virgin Mary by Noistar (via Susie Bright's blog):

Day of the Dead Virgin Mary by xlittleshopofsugarx:

"Virgin" Mary t-shirt from T-Shirt Hell

Unintentionally Horrifying Monster Alien Virgin Mary Destroys The World With Her Death Rays:

Pregnant Virgin Mary by Nathan Novak:

Virgin Mary Tee from ThisNext:

Virgin Mary Boots from the StyleHive:

Oh Maria Keep My Data Safe USB Memory Stick by Luis Eslava (via gizmodo):

Britney-Spears-Virgin-Mary-Starbucks-Cheetos (from PerezHilton):

"Hard Act To Follow" (This is was an actual church billboard in New Zealand. It was painted over by an outraged Christian within hours of being put up, though.):

Virgin Mary Utter Gutter (poster from the Glasgow School of Art, via

Madonna With Child (design by Franck Sorbier, via argent by the tiber)

La Madonna -- Dia de los Muertos (by Ladislao Loera):

"Not A Virgin Mary" by CallowLily

"Celestial Virgin" by J. Augustus Knapp
(possibly) even more blasphemy at
e g r e g o r e s: