Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tis the season (stocking stuffers with a twist)

Youth Against Christ T-Shirts (newly re-issued -- just in time for the holidays!)

From the Behemoth webstore (link). Back of shirt says "YOUTH AGAINST CHRIST" in large red letters.

Oh Maria, Keep My Data Safe USB Memory Stick

designed by Luis Eslava, available here.

Zombie Princess Mac Decal

from Stickerman's etsy shop (link).

"Looking Good for Jesus" Sparkle Cream:

From Blue Q Bath and Body Products

Hello Kitty Holiday Cards

Available at Amazon for under $1,000!!

Hindu Deity Finger Puppets

These have, unfortunately, become very hard to find. If anyone knows a source, please let me know!!

Absinthe Floss

From ArchieMcPhee.Com, where you can also find the Deluxe Miracle Jesus Action Figure!

Plush Holiday Domos

From Estarland.Com.

Assorted Holiday Armaments

Image found at blognomicon.

Image found at everydaynodaysoff.

Image found at christmasyuleblog.

Another one from blognomicon.

Hello Cthulhu Christmas Greetings: