Wednesday, October 21, 2009

kd lang + issa = aural ecstasy

two of the most beautiful songs by issa (jane siberry) are performed here by kd lang:

the valley

love is everything

there are some really nice videos of issa on youtube, too -- but i seriously think kd's versions of these two songs are better than the versions by issa that are currently available. but if you ever get the chance to see issa live and she does "love is everything" solo on the piano, well, cherish it. i got that chance a couple summers ago when issa played at the lotus music festival in bloomington. i got there late and i really couldn't believe my ears when the usher told me "it's almost full, there are only a few seats left in the front row." it was like CHURCH, people didn't want to sit in the front row!

Heather Graham's Viral Video Pitch for Public Option

Heather Graham is a Pagan, and she is also, literally, the embodiment of the Public Option in MoveOn's new ad: