Sunday, August 31, 2014

Top Ten Books Pagans Should Read About Hinduism

Hinduism represents, far and away, the greatest success story in the history of resistance to the spiritual predations of monotheism. Because of this, Hinduism serves not merely as a source of inspiration to modern Pagans, but as our single best source of information about what a living, modern polytheistic religious tradition looks like in full flower.

Because western culture is still so dominated by Christianity, often in ways that are (at least to the unitiated) quite subtle, finding reliable sources of information about Sanaatana Dharma can be quite a challenge. To assist anyone seeking such reliable information, the following list is presented for your critical appraisal. I hope to flesh this out more in the future. For now it's just titles and links.

  1.  Complete Idiots Guide to Hinduism, 2ed
    by Linda Johnsen (

  2. Lost Masters: Sages of Ancient Greece
    by Linda Johnsen (

  3. Tantric Visions of the Divine Feminine: The Ten Mahavidyas
    by David Kinsley (

  4.  The Sword and the Flute: Kali and Krishna
    by David Kinsley (

  5.  Rebirth and Karma
    by Sri Aurobindo (

  6.  Defense of Hindu Society
    by Sita Ram Goel (

  7.  Glory of the Divine Mother: The Devi Mahatmya
    translated by S. Sankaranarayanan (

  8.  Kali: Black Goddess of Dakshineswar
    by Elizabeth Harding (

  9.  Bhagavad Gita
    translated by Eknath Easwaran (

  10.  Mother of the Universe: Visions of the Goddess and Tantric Hymns of Enlightenment by Ramprasad Sen
    translated by Lex Hixon (