Monday, February 14, 2011

First phase of the new version of Sallustius completed

For much of the last week I have been working on a revised online version of Gilbert Murray's translation of Sallustius' On the Gods and the Cosmos. The first phase of that work is now completed. Here is a link to it: On the Gods and the Cosmos.

To my knowledge, the text is now free of typographical errors and also of misleading monotheizing wordings that needlessly mar Murray's translation in several places. All of these changes are described and justified in the endnotes.

The next step will be to add footnotes to each of the 21 sections of Sallustius' Pagan Manifesto. These footnotes will be gathered from both Gilbert Murray and from A.D. Nock's edition of Sallustius and who knows where else.

I'm also working on a future post titled "Who was Sallustius?", as well as the next installment for the series on Modern Paganism and the Ancient Mysteries .....