Friday, October 30, 2009

the greatest rock performance ever?

i am possessed. who knows when or how this will end....

see me feel me, the who, woodstock, 1969

if you think about it, roger daltry should look like an idiot: with the big hair, that ridiculous fringe, and the elvis-esque "moves". but damn it if he doesn't pull it off. and then some.

"the origin of love" (hedwig and the angry inch)

ok, i went and done it. the pandora's box is open. i blame kullervo for posting his "favorite songs ever" on his blog. but i guess i can't really blame him. i took the bait. i bit down - and now i am hooked. i'm not sure if i can stop. oh, who am i kidding. of course i can't stop! i'll probably wake up in the middle of night in a panic with yet another "greatest rock song ever" to add to the list. but for now i will simply, and reverently, add Origin of Love, from the rock opera "hedwig and the angry inch":

runners up

everlong, foo fighters

burden in my hand, soundgarden

i don't want to wait, paula cole

semi-charmed life, third eye blind

what can i say, it was a good year (96-97)! i honestly don't like third eye blind, and i'm a little embarrassed to admit that i consider the "dee-doo-doo-doo-dee-dah-dah-dah" song one of the greatest rock songs of all times. i guess that's why i threw in the cover version. i almost didn't use this one, but then i saw she's got tibetan prayer flags in the background....

possibly the two greatest rock songs ever

Stars, by Hum

"She thinks she missed the train to mars,
she's out back counting stars...."

jack straw, grateful dead

"jack straw from wichita,
cut his buddy down"

check it out: the annotated jack straw