Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blasphemous Images

There are a variety of Christian groups and individuals in the West that are as hell-bent as ever on censoring anything that "offends" them, and punishing those responsible.

For example, here is an outraged call to action for protests against "Chocolate Jesus", a piece by Canadian artist Cosimo Cavallaro. Another example is the now infamous "Merry Titmas" exhibit by "notorious art curator" Lenora Claire in 2007.

Below are some not quite randomly selected images that could, potentially, be seen as examples of anti-Christian blasphemy. (Including one from Claire's "Merry Titmas" show):

The cover of a relatively recent book on Republicanism and Anticlerical Nationalism in Spain, by Enrique Sanabria:

Some naughty nuns by Clovis Trouille:


Max Ernst's "Virigin Spanking the Christ Child":

Jesus Guinness & Jesus Thong:

The Virgin Mary depicted as a Hooter's waitress:

"Motivational Poster" styled blasphemy:

Racing Nuns action figures:

Sexy Jesus t-shirts from zazzle:

Sexy Nun stickers from zazzle:

Lookin' Good for Jesus products by Blue Q:

Objectified Jebus:

Jesus Elvis:

Jesus Christ On A Bicycle:

even more blasphemy at
e g r e g o r e s: