Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chronology of a Smear Campaign

If one reads through all of the following, one will not find one shred of evidence that at any time was any attempt made to "expel" Ani Karma Lhamu from the Sangha of Buddhist nuns in Nepal. Nevertheless this baseless allegation has been swallowed whole by a number of people around the world, including many Buddhists.

Didn't we learn anything from "the smoking gun in the shape of a mushroom cloud", and "we will be greeted as liberators"??
  1. Times of India (TOI), June 27:
    Buddhist nun gangraped in Nepal bus

  2. TOI, July 11:
    Gangraped Nepal nun now faces expulsion from nunnery

  3. Sujato's Blog (a Buddhist blog from Australia), July 12:
    Gangraped Nepal nun now faces expulsion from nunnery

  4. TOI, July 16:
    Debate grows in Nepal about gangraped nun (reprinted at Buddhist Channel website here)

  5. Sujato again, July 18:
    Nuns and Rape: some links and a message

  6. Nepal Buddhist Federation, July 19:
    Official Press Release

  7. Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils, July 19:
    Letter to Nepal Buddhist Federation

  8. TOI, July 21:
    Gangraped Nepal nun likely to get re-admission in nunnery

  9. UK Independent, Aug 5:
    Nepalese chant star gives refuge to nun shunned after gang rape

  10. My Republica (English language website based in Nepal), Aug 8:
    Where even a Buddhist nun isn't spared (reprinted at the Buddhist Channel website here)

  11. Salt Lake City Deseret News, Aug. 9:
    Raped Buddhist nun's lost virginity might mean she no longer can serve (Also reprinted at the Buddhist Channel website here)

  12. Twin Cities Star Tribune, Aug 10:
    Buddhist Nunsense: East vs. West over gang rape