Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Old Religion and Sanatana Dharma (More on Paganism, Buddhism, and Hinduism)

While I was writing that earlier post on Things Pagans should know about Buddhism, it occurred to me that there have been quite a few posts in this blog that are relevant to the subject of the interface between Paganism, Buddhism and Hinduism. Here are twenty-six of them:
  1. Do Buddhists believe in God? (5/24/09)
  2. Immanence vs. Transcendence: a false dichotomy (6/17/09)
  3. As Above, So Below (more on Immanence vs. Transcendence) (6/19/09)
  4. Sri Aurobindo on Immanence and Transcendence (6/20/09)
  5. Pythagoreanism: the personal is cosmological (7/14/09)
  6. Worshipping the Source: The Buddhist Goddess Prajnaparamita (9/25/09)
  7. "The Buddha, Sri Aurobindo and Plato": An Interview with Sita Ram Goel (10/14/09)
  8. What Kind of Religion is Buddhism? (11/18/09)
  9. Hindus and Pagans: "A return to the time of the Gods" (11/19/09)
  10. Religions of the Library (11/26/09)
  11. Religions of the Library, Part Deux (11/28/09)
  12. "Buddhist Warfare": Is Buddhism A "Religion of Peace"? (1/17/10)
  13. Attacking Buddhism in the name of "peace" (1/21/10)
  14. Yet more on "Buddhist Warfare" (1/24/10)
  15. What Kind of Religion is Buddhism?, Continued (3/28/10)
  16. "The Basis of Universal Spirituality" (4/27/10)
  17. Hinduism: "The best surviving of the great Pagan traditions" (6/28/10)
  18. Sometimes Zen Buddhists Are Fucking Morons (8/6/10)
  19. Buddhism Without Ironic Detachment (Contra Batchelor) (8/30/10)
  20. Six Degrees of Charles Darwin (11/21/10)
  21. When did the Buddha stop beating his wife? (11/22/10)
  22. Six Degrees of Charles Darwin, Part Two (11/28/10)
  23. "God is a concept by which we measure our pain." (12/8/10)
  24. From the Vedas to MLK: Tracing Back the Radiance (1/18/11)
  25. Reincarnation in Modern Paganism (a seven part series) (1/27/11)
  26. More on belief in reincarnation in Europe (4/1/11)