Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Are the "Pagans at the Parliament" sleeping with the enemy?

This is just a very quick first response to news coming out of the Parliament of World Religions.

Apparently some of the "Pagans at the Parliament" are pushing to redefine Paganism as "The Indigenous Religion of White People". The blinding, base stupidity behind this is beyond words.

Paganism existed long before there was any such thing as Europe. Europe is not a "continent". Look at a fucking map. Europe is an idea, and the generation of the idea of Europe is tied directly to the formation of the two forms of Christianity that now dominate the world: Catholicism and Protestantism.

Why is it that so many Pagans still have their heads stuck in ethnic/racial conceptions of "identity" that literally date from a time when racism and anti-semitism were simply accepted and even widely approved of by "Europeans"??

My only source for this comes from this alarmingly titled post Is Paganism About To Be Redifined at the Parliament?

Also, here is a post I did a while back with the relevant title Paganism Is Not a European Religion.