Thursday, July 1, 2010

More on Nergal's case

First up, here are four items (all from online Metal-oriented publications) with quite a bit of good background information. They are all fairly recent, but only the first one is from after the case against Nergal was dismissed:

From Blabbermouth (June 28):
BEHEMOTH Frontman Off The Hook In 2007 Bible-Tearing Case
From MetalObsession (May 4):
Behemoth – Adam “Nergal” Darski (interview with Nergal)
From Blabbermouth (April 20):
Polish University Professor Discusses Charges Against BEHEMOTH Frontman
From RadioMetal (April 19):
Behemoth On The Burning Stake Of The Inquisition

Second of all, here are links to all of the relevant posts I have done so far on Nergal's case in particular, and freedom of expression in Poland in general (chronologically with the most recent items at the top):

"Music that is so extreme, so politically incorrect and so evil." (Nergal interview)
Blasphemy Case Against Nergal "Dismissed"
Doda in Kluczbork: "Those Who Expected Scandal Were Not Disappointed"
Doda: "Forbidden Fruit Tastes Better"
Doda Elektroda & the Battle of Tomaszów Lubelski
"I could release certain emotions through this sinister evil music." (Nergal interviews)
Sex, Religion, Art, Music & Freedom of Expression in Poland
Doda Elektroda says Bible written by drunks. Which, apparently, is some kind of crime in Poland.
The Kids Are Alright (In Which I Praise Extreme Pagan Metal)
Early March, 2010 Blasphemy World Roundup!!
Interview With Nergal of Behemoth, in English
Behemoth Frontman Formally Charged For Insulting Roman Catholics

"When we die as martyrs" (submitted for your disapproval)

This is some very serious WTFage:

Q: Is this shit for real?
A: Fuck yes it is.

Q: Who the fuck made this shit? Al fucking Qaeda? Hamas? Hezbollah?
A: It is made by a Jordanian child-oriented multimedia company called "Birds of Paradise".

Q: Birds of fucking Paradise?
A: That's right. According to their website, Birds of Paradise "aims for every Arabic and Muslim child through its programs." They are quite proud of the fact that they have reached "many Arab and international countries such as Canada, Britain and more."

Q: C'mon, quit fucking with me. What is this evil shit really?
A: It really is a video produced by a Jordanian based company that:
(1) "was established to meet the different needs of Arab and Muslim children."
(2) "represents the best parenting, educational, entertaining programs and songs that suit children and every family member."
(3) claims that all programs and songs are "examined carefully and thoughtfully"
(4) is committed to "Connecting childhood with Heaven and Peace."

Q: I don't fucking believe you.
A: Here is a background article produced by the Investigative Project on Terrorism. They also have a nice piece on the Deep, Longstanding Terror Ties of the "charity" group behind the Gaza Terrorist Peace Flotilla.

OK, folks, that's all the time I have right now for Q & A. But here's another seriously WTF video featuring the irrepressible young star of "When We Die As Martyrs":