Monday, November 30, 2009

Try not to smile as you watch these. Go ahead and try.

Yet Another Idiotic Atheist Ad Campaign

Nothing makes winning an argument easier than playing both sides, which is known as a straw man argument. Although the exact origins of the phrase are not agreed upon, one folk etymology nicely illustrates exactly how this works. This etymology is based on a military training exercise in which soldiers charge straw dummies and skewer them with their bayonets (see illustration). Take that!!

Maybe in the future the "straw man" argument will also be known as the "atheist ad campaign argument". The crux of the biscuit, when it comes to these atheist ad campaigns, is to reduce all discussion of religion down to the false dichotomy of: do you believe in the God of Abraham, nor not?

But the really pathetic part, for the atheists that is, is that they have played into the Christians' own straw man argument!

The ad campaign just announced by the American Humanist Association turns out to be yet another example of atheists cluelessly carrying water for their kissing cousins, the monotheists. Nothing pleases the Christians more than when non-Christians assume, or, even better, forcefully assert, that the Christian "God" is the end all and be all of Religion. Once this key tenet of Christian theology is admitted, that theirs is the one and only "God", the Christians have already won the day regardless of what else follows. No matter how mightily you beat your chest as you do so, as long as you are declaring your rejection of the Christians' "God" you are playing the Christians' game. And more fool you. (scroll down for more.....)

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