Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sannion shows us once again why he is so brilliant like that

Surprise! It has something to do with cock:

Theology of the cock

"If the worst thing you can say about Zeus
is that he’s got a perpetual hard-on –
well, so fucking what?!?"

"Detentions reflect growing Chinese influence in Nepal"

Hey kids, remember back in '08 when Nepal became all free and equal and democratic and stuff because the poor benighted masses had finally risen up and thrown off the yoke of Asiatic Despotism? You know, just like the Chinese masses had done back in '49?

Oh. Wait. Did someone say China?

"Detentions reflect growing Chinese influence in Nepal"

According to the above report by Radio Free Asia and Mikel Dunham (the link goes to the full story at Dunham's website), Nepalese security forces have recently implemented a major crackdown on the Tibetan refugee community in Nepal. This crackdown was directly related to the recently concluded visit of a high-level 60-member delegation from the People's Republic of China, to check in and see how things are going in their new vassal-state.