Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kaliyuga Varadhan sung by Mahathi

This God of Kaliyuga, Varadan,
as the Lord who is manifest
Can be seen in Pazhani

This Murugan, with the powerful trident,
tendered by the daughter of the mountain
is like the emerald in color,
this nephew of srinivasan

He came into the world, the apple of lord siva's eye
Grew up, nurtured and tended by the 6 karthigai sisters
Rid the devas of all their troubles in a second
Granted boons before being asked

Here is a video of Mahathi performing Kaliyuga Varadhan:

This song in praise of the God Murugan was composed by Tamil poet, teacher, and patriot Periyasaami Thooran (1908-1987).

Murugan is often referred to as a God of War, but as this song makes clear in very simple and direct language, he is far more than that. "Kali Yuga Varadan" is another name for Murugan, as the presiding deity of the current dark age, Kali Yuga.

Murugan is also known as Karttikeya and Skanda. The "6 karthigai sisters" referred to in the song are the stars of the Pleiades.

For more information on Kali Yuga Varadhan, see this fascinating (and very beautifully illustrated) article written by Dr. A Kanakaratnam: Murugan: The Kali Yuga Varada