Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Meet The New Pope

It is always the high point of any papal visit to any nation: the canonization of one of that nation's own indigenous "saints". And these "saints" are always the same everywhere: they were fanatical jihadists dedicated to the forced conversion and/or extirpation of all Jews, Heathens, Heretics, Atheists, and anyone else deemed to be enemies of the One True Faith.

There are, perhaps, here and there, genuine exceptions to this rule. But these are, necessarily, quite exceptional. The man whose name Pope Voldemort II now obscenely bears is arguably one of them.

But neither the New Pope nor the evil wretch Junipero Serra are in any way deviations from the usual assortment of highly successful con-artists (like the Pope) and  murderously accomplished thugs (like Serra) who have always done and will always do the Dark Lord's bidding in the name of the Great Commission.