Friday, March 30, 2012

When did the Village Voice stop pimping child sex slaves?

Ace reporter Kirsten Powers (a FOX News "Democrat" pundit and a regular on the O'Reilly Factor) has now jumped onto the bandwagon of a truly McCarthy-esque smear campaign against the Village Voice. Writing for the Daily Beast (where she recently helped to launch the "hey what about Bill Maher, Matt Taibi, Chris Matthews, etc " meme to provide some much needed left-cover for Rush Limbaugh when he was catching hell for calling Sandra Fluke a slut) Powers accuses the Village Voice of being "Sex-Slavery Facilitators".


Supposedly, Kirsten Powers (and others) are shocked, shocked, to find "adult" ads in the Village Voice. But, to state the painfully obvious, there is nothing new about these ads, or the controversies surrounding them. What is new, though, is that for the past year, the Voice has been running a series of investigative reports exposing the junk science, fuzzy math, and powerful religious organizations behind the overblown moral panic over "sex-trafficking".

I have already recently blogged about this (Counting Sex Slaves: Moral Panics, the Mass Media, and Christian Propaganda). In that post I showed that the investigations of the Village Voice on this issue are based on solid research, and that the Voice's articles closely parallel what has been written by a variety of scholars and activists who have raised very serious doubts about the wildly exaggerated claims of the sex-slavery mongers.

And now here is a selection of some of the highlights of the Village Voice investigative series on sex-trafficking.

If Pirate Jenny worked at Starbucks, etc.

Angela Carole Brown

Frauke Bröcker


with a mask


perfectly understated

pefectly non-understated

if pirate jenny worked at starbucks

"Every normal man must at times be tempted to spit on his hands,
hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats."

H. L. Mencken