Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We really need to work on those poker faces, people!!!!

When I saw the banner headline at the Huffington Post pronouncing "The Death of the Public Option" last week, I barely took notice. Only gradually did I realize what was going on. And it almost worked.

I only wish more liberals had attacked Obama for abandoning the Public Option. There should have been a loud and sustained weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from the left. There should have been renewed interest in the "Obamican phenomenon", and people should have started digging up quotes from back during the primaries when Rupert Murdoch was saying nice things about Obama, and Paul Krugman was openly questioning his commitment to universal health care.

But instead too many of you just couldn't contain yourselves. When you heard that an expansion of Medicare was on the table you acted like a novice poker player who had just been dealt the ace that completes your royal flush.. "Oh Goodie!!!" you signaled, all too audibly, "THIS is EXACTLY what I was hoping for!!"

Remember, people, the next time there is a major legislative breakthrough that could move us significantly closer to genuine universal health care on the single payer model: be cool, dammit. Be cool. Especially as long as Joe Lieberman is still in the Senate.